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To Concerned American Citizens:

I am concerned that government officials are not aware of their Constitutional limits because they are lacking in Constitutional knowledge. It’s not necessarily their fault, for there is no requirement that they pass a Constitutional test to hold office. I am not speaking to those in government who could care less about the oath they are required to take to support the Constitution. They are lost causes. But, I would like to help those in government who do understand their solemn promise to abide by its parameters and would, if they only had the knowledge. These well-intended leaders are not to blame any more than we are for our lack of knowledge. If you believe responsible leaders could benefit by a good dose of education, please download the form letter as many times as necessary. Then, fill in each one with your favorite city, county, state or federal official, sign it and send it off. Let us know by your email response who you are and what official or officials you contacted. Just how proud would you be if our leaders believed enough in the oath they all have to take to spend some time in learning what it means? If you feel helpless – if you don’t believe one person can make a difference – think again. I encourage you to do this and watch what happens. This is truly one way to improve our government by bringing us together “for a change.”

/s/ Tad Armstrong

To Leaders of Integrity:

If you are one of the privileged leaders in your local, state or federal community who has won the trust of your constituents enough to represent them, you have arrived at this page in one of two ways. Either you have received a letter from a well-intended voter to come here and check us out or you have heard about us and have arrived on your own. Either way, it is a safe bet you are here because you, too, would like to get a little Constitutional grounding under your belt. You are not likely an arrogant sort who thinks you know it all already and that makes you the best we can hope for in a leader. Abraham Lincoln said: “We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.” You are likely here because you agree with Lincoln. You want to do the best job you can for your constituents under the Constitution. Your own people are encouraging you to add your city board of aldermen, your county board of trustees, your state legislature and, why not, the Congress of the United States and the White House to the list of Americans who can say they know what the oath to support the Constitution means because they have learned what it says and how it has or should be interpreted!

If you would like information on the ELL Constitution Club program, your inquiry is too important to handle by email. We at ELL would like to correspond with you by letter to discuss the material and funding and help set you up with the one year monthly program. Not to worry, everyday Americans in clubs around the nation take the four year monthly program. So, please contact us by mail so we can better communicate with your governmental body. This is not meant to be intimidating, but rather, we want to help bring us together again as a nation through education. If you believe this is just the medicine we need and you are still with me, I am expecting a letter from you soon at: ELL CONSTITUTION CLUBS, ATTN: TAD ARMSTRONG, P.O. BOX 565, EDWARDSVILLE, ILLINOIS 62025.

/s/ Tad Armstrong