New Liberty Bells Awarded!

It is always a thrill for me to award the ELL Liberty Bell to lawyers who have given back to their communities through their volunteer efforts of moderating a club for one full year. Our latest recipients recently received their award. Attorneys John Hopkins and Mary Albert-Fritz received bells numbered 7 and 8, respectively, for moderating the Alton, Illinois, club. Thank you, John and Mary, for “Meeting Freedom’s Challenge.” Past ELL Liberty Bell recipients are Attorneys Tad Armstrong (#1 – Edwardsville, Illinois), Dayna Johnson (#2 – Glen Carbon, Illinois), Irv Slate (#3 – Granite City, Illinois), Tad Armstrong (#4 – Highland, Illinois), Laef Lorton (#5 – Jerseyville, Illinois) and Neal Wallace (#6 – Alton, Illinois). See photo page.

/s/ Tad Armstrong 02/2011