These are the cases assigned for discussion. Please read assignments prior to attending our monthly meetings.

June 2023

 1A-R-0395/4 1st Amendment(Establishment/Free Exercise)(Tax Exemption)  WALZ v. TAX COMMISSION1970
 1A-R-0446/281st Amendment(Free Exercise/ Conscientious Objector) CLAY v. UNITED STATES1971
1A-R-0455/151st Amendment(Free Exercise/Amish)  WISCONSIN v. YODER1972
1A-R-0534/201sr Amendment(Free Exercise/License Plates)WOOLEY v. MAYNARD1977
1A-R-0554/191st Amendment(Establishment/Free Exercise)(Ministers in Government)  McDANIEL v. PATY1978
 1A-R-0657/51st Amendment(Establishment/Prayer)  MARSH v. CHAMBERS1983
 1A-R-0663/51st Amendment(Establishment/Symbols) LYNCH v. DONNELLY1984
 1A-R-1066/27 1st Amendment(Establishment/Ten Commandments) VAN ORDEN v. PERRY2005

May 2023

1A-R-0254/281st Amendment(Establishment) ZORACH v. CLAUSON1952
1A-R-0263/91st Amendment(Park/Free Exercise)FOWLER v. RHODE ISLAND1953
1A-R-0273/141st Amendment(Conscientious Objector)SICURELLA v. UNITED STATES1955
1A-R-0326/191st Amendment(Free Exercise)  TORCASO v. WATKINS1961
1A-R-0336/251st Amendment(Establishment/Prayer) ENGEL v. VITALE1962
1A-R-0346/171st Amendment(Establishment/Prayer)  ABINGTON SCHOOL DISTRICT v. SCHEMPP1963
1A-R-0356/171st Amendment(UC/Saturday)SHERBERT v. VERNER1963
1A-R-0361st Amendment(Conscientious Objector)UNITED STATES v. SEEGER1965
 1A-R-03811/12 1st Amendment(Establishment/Evolution)EPPERSON v. ARKANSAS1968

April 2023

 1A-R-0011/61st Amendment(Free Exercise/Polygamy) REYNOLDS v. UNITED STATES1878
1A-R-0056/11st Amendment –“sort of”(Free Exercise/Schooling)  PIERCE v. SOCIETY OF SISTERS1925
1A-R-0115/201st Amendment(Free Exercise) CANTWELL v. CONNECTICUT1940
1A-S-9 1st Amendment(Free Speech/Flag Salute)WEST VIRGINIA BOARD OF EDUCATION v. BARNETTE1943 
1A-R-0222/101st Amendment(Establishment/Bussing) EVERSON v. BOARD OF EDUCATION1947
1A-R-0233/81st Amendment(Establishment) McCOLLUM v. BOARD OF EDUCATION1948

March 2023

9A-AP-209th Amendment(Abortion/Privacy)Dobbs v. Jackson WHO

February 2023

9A-AP-3 9th Amendment(Abortion/Privacy) EISENSTADT v. BAIRD
1A-R-0285/291st Amendment(Establishment/Blue Laws) McGOWAN v. MARYLAND
 9A-AP-4 9th Amendment(Abortion/Privacy) ROE v. WADE

January 2023

 6-2Article VI(Supremacy Clause/Judicial Review)  MARBURY v. MADISON
 9A-AP-1 9th Amendment(Abortion/Privacy)GRISWOLD v. CONNECTICUT