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Masterpiece Cakeshop, LTD. v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission

7 Jun 2018

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The Obama Standard: Has It Been Met?

27 Jul 2016

The Madison-St. Clair Record

Tad Armstrong

The Democrats’ convention theme is always one of “optimism,” while painting the Republicans’ convention as dark and pessimistic. “Optimism” is normally defined as hopefulness and confidence about the future or the successful outcome of something. But, the Obama/Clinton brand of optimism is laden with additional baggage, to wit: hopefulness and confidence about the future or the successful outcome of something while contemporaneously covering up, hiding or utterly disregarding the facts. I suppose it can be labeled “blind optimism.” It’s the type of political campaign optimism that, in the wake of a terrorist attack, says “Move on. Nothing to see here. No need to worry. After all, these random acts of violence aren’t challenging the very existence of our nation. America is no less safe than it was a week ago. We have it under control. Move on.” (more…)

The Rule of Law Is On Life Support

19 Jul 2016

Chaos and Tyranny Await At Bedside

The Madison-St. Clair Record

Tad Armstrong

President Obama described the recent police officer ambush in Baton Rouge as an attack upon “the rule of law.” Indeed, it was. Yet, such anarchy is a predictable consequence in a nation whose leaders disrespect “the rule of law” on a regular basis, especially so when that nation is a constitutional republic. (more…)

What Qualifies a Supreme Court Nominee for Confirmation?

17 Mar 2016

A seldom heard message on judicial review.

Tad Armstrong

There are so many moving pieces to this election year puzzle. It makes it hard to choose which of several serious issues to address first. 

Let’s start with media abuse (on the right and the left) of the role the Senate plays in the confirmation process. According to most of them, the Senate has a duty to confirm whomever a President nominates as long as he is “qualified,” but what does that mean? Last night on Fox News Megyn Kelly labeled Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, Merrick Garland, as “incredibly qualified,” implying, however, that he would “nevertheless” not likely be confirmed by a Republican Senate because the process has become more about ideology and power politics than “qualifications.” (more…)